OWPC – Sun

This Week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Sun, quite frankly at this time of year in Melbourne there isn’t a lot of sun around, but we did find a few small samplings during the week, as weak as it was it was still nice, even by the beach side.


Ballerina at Sunset

Over the Easter break I did several photo shoots down at the beach, this is another of my favorite models, My Ballerina (She appeared in my Feet & Shoes Photo Challenge). We wanted to do an Arts style shoot on the beach during sunset, with the wind blowing a gauzy, filmy material around like a surreal dream; problem – No Wind! For days we waited and waited and in the end on our final day at the beach we just had to become creative. Caity danced on the beach with various different materials trying to get some’ lift’, we also tried just throwing the material up, and also holding it out. I ended up using various different filters and effects to create a dreamy surreal look as well as a B&W Series for movement. A wind machine probably would have worked better in a studio and I could have also used Photoshop to add a sunset beach background, but we wanted the real deal. Looking back on it now I should have also arranged on perhaps a dress or slip or something a little more dramatic as well. For next time maybe!Ballerina at Sunset--7

– Julz

Autumn Outings – Sunset over Prospect Hill Reserve

Last weekend I braved the pre dawn to visit the dick pond at Prospect Hill Reserve and photograph the sunrise. Last night I ventured up to catch the sunset. I went up there the other night for a walk, silly me did not talk the camera or even my phone……d’oh. Then we had a few nights oh truly dismal weather, all clouds, no sun for a nice sunset. Anyway so last night I wandered back up there, this time with my camera. There were a lot of people walking dogs, playing soccer, jogging, riding bikes etc.

Eventually I made my way down to the duck pond, and waited until the sun started to set.

As I watched the last rays I turned around to start the short walk home and saw this! The Moon is almost full, I cannot wait for tomorrow night’s eclipse, I just hope the weather is as good

Autumn Sunset--5

– Julz

Just another Sunset

I was getting some images off my camera and realized that there were a few pictures from the other night. I went out side to see what my friendly Magpie was squawking about (More food or water probably). he was up on the roof instead of down in the garden, I turned and saw this! You can just see his silhouette against the sky, on the peak of the roof. I had to grab a couple of quick shots. I then promptly forgot about them til tonight.

Sunset 24.3.15-

Magpie silhouette on the peak of the roof

Sunset 24.3.15--2As I sit here tonight, it is cold and damp and not really very nice and I long for warmer nights already, summer has barely left us, and still offers the occasional glimpse through Autumn with skies like this. I know I shouldn’t whinge, but I really don’t like the cold!

Autumn Sunset

I must confess I had no clue about the Aurora that occurred over SE Australia and New Zealand the other morning and I really am miffed about it. However to ease my creative soul, Mother Nature handed me this shot………..so I guess overall I really can’t complain.


Nothing beats the strange Autumn colors over the Australian Skies at sunset, the light is a bit harsher than sunrise, but there is still that air of magic. It was still warm, and so calm……..you can just catch the bugs reflecting the light in the middle of the shot………there were hundreds of them. I sat taking photos for awhile, but this was what I refer to as ‘The Money Shot’ Moth keeps asking me why I call it that……..it really does not make me any money! But it truly gladdens my heart to capture something so near perfection and share it with everyone. It’s one of those MOMENTS when you are truly feel alive and filled with wonder.


– Julz


Sunset from my Back Door

I was literally hanging out the laundry door shooting on live mode with the camera hovering over our very tall fences to get these shots, taken at 5 minute intervals last night. I was going to crop out the neighbors fruit trees and shade cloth, but I figured it actually added a little more interest as silhouettes against the sky which poetically caught on fire last night………the colors were amazingSunset out my back door

Sunset out my back door

Sunset out my back door

P.S. it was a beautiful morning and quite a nice today today, I guess what they say is true, red sky at night sailors delight.

– Julz

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – You Are My Sunshine, Chorus

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – You Are My Sunshine, Chorus

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

My Sunshine (1 of 2)

My Sunshine (2 of 2)

Both of these photos were taken on my Honeymoon………..almost 24 years ago (2/2), both photos, re imagined  I am more in love with them today. That night was truly magic,  sitting on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii watching the sun set, with my new Hubby! He is my Sunshine (when he isn’t annoying me!)

– Julz