Travel Theme – Trees

This week’s Travel Theme, by Where’smybackpack is Trees – I just kept it simple and went for trees and shrubs

1.a plant having a permanently woody main stem or trunk, ordinarily growing to a considerable height, and usually developing branches at some distance from the ground.
2.any of various shrubs, bushes, and plants, as the banana, resembling a tree in form and size.
3.something resembling a tree in shape, as a clothes tree or a crosstree.
4.Mathematics, Linguistics tree diagram tree

– Julz


One Word Photo Challenge – Rain

“Rain, Rain go away, come again another day”

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge – Rain by Jennifer Nichole Wells. Asks the question , HOW do you portray weather. Most people know what rain looks like, or at least feels like, ever tried to photograph it? It can actually be quite difficult. This is actually one of my really early post, when I first started blogging, titled Descent.


Here are a few others images I felt depicted Rain, puddles, reflections and rain drops;

– Julz

Cee’s Fun Foto Challange – Clouds

This week’s Cee Fun Foto Challange is Clouds. Interesting I thought, there are Summer clouds, Winter, Autumn and Spring Clouds, then there are storm clouds, fluffy white hazy clouds. I have spent the last 6 months collecting cloud photos, here is just a few of my favorites, including one I think looks like the clouds from the Simpsons!

– Julz

One Word Photo Challenge – Eigengrau

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Eigengrau

EigengrauBefore Jennifer put this swatch up, I must admit I wasn’t sure exactly what the color was, so I looked it up, Dark Grey.

Now these three letter boxes are part of a montage I am working on for another post, however I was immediately drawn back to them for this post

– Julz