OWPC- Copper

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Copper

copperNot quite perfect, but fairly close. I didn’t have any actual Copper to photograph, so I just went for the shade.


One Word Photo Challenge – Beaver

One Word Photo Challenge By Jennfier Nichol Wells, this week is Beaver, This week I’ve gone all cute with animals, it was that or coffee. I know the last one is, strictly speaking Otter, but they are kind of Beaver like, if not in color.

Caldermeande Dairy Farm & Cafe

Caldermeande Dairy Farm & Cafe

Dubbo Zoo, NSW

Dubbo Zoo, NSW

– Julz

Word of the Week Challenge – Intricate

This week I have a few different forms of Intricate, for this weeks One Word Challenge. The first one is an intricate pattern of stained glass in this church window. It was beautiful and lit up the whole church. This was taken at the Cathloic Church in Arrowtown, NZ.Arrowtown, NZ

This next one is an intricate arch made of timber, it was so beautiful, yet sturdy at the same time. and the sun just peaking through adds a lovely effect too. This is at Museum Gardens at Rotorua, NZ.Rotorua Museum & Gardens

Then I have sample of some very intricate wood carving, taken at the Stihl Wood Carving Comp in Jan 2015 at Mount Dandenong.Stihl Wood Carving Competition 2015– Julz

One Word Photo Challenge – Teal

This week’s One Word Challenge is Teal. Another shot from NZ this time Akaroa Harbour. Gorgeous spot in the French Quarter of New Zealand (east side South Island) very pretty and a great spot for Dolphin, Whale, Seal and Penguin Spotting. Unfortunately the weather was horrible and it was not a great day for spotting whales or dolphins, however we did spot many seals and a penguin, as lots of birds. Anyway a lot of the water in the lakes of NZ of a really bright blue turquoise color, but due to the really low grey clouds it turned it a teal blue!Akaroa Dolphins

One Word Photo Challenge – Saffron

One Word Photo Challenge, hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells is Saffron.Auckland Museum and GardensI could not decide between these two shots, both seem to sum up Saffron fairly well, but the flower has vivid orange and red in it as well, the second shot is another of the quirky artwork, which as cropped up all over Christchurch, New Zealand to brighten, inspire & give Hope to the People after the Earthquake in 2011.

Christchurch City