Mirror Lake

I have had a few comments regarding an image I posted of Mirror Lakes, and I am shocked to realize I never actually write a post of this amazing place. It is unthinkable.

Milford SoundNow Mirror Lakes is on the Milford Track before you get to Homer Tunnel, part of the Fjord-land National Parks in New Zealand. It is a perfect, still, clear lake that has amazing reflections of the Alps, well once the duckling finally gave up on his bath and left me to my photos. Normally I would not begrudge a duckling and his Mum having a bath, but it was literally freezing and I wanted to take some photos before the lake froze up!I was incredibly lucky, we had had snow for 3 nights in a row and woke to crystal clear, blue skies, no wind, and that clear sunshine you so rarely get, it’s that clear mountain air.

I stood there awestruck for several minutes before I even thought to take my first photo. It was simply breath taking (soon forgot just how cold it was too). I simply stood there taking a few happy snaps, no real thought to it. Finally my artistic, creative side won out and I re assessed and then re shot. Obviously I would have to take lots of images to make one large panorama (which is the top image) this was edited from about 10 different photos in Photoshop. To be honest this was only one quick stop on a whole trip to Milford Sound, but I excitedly anticipated it after finding a few images on the net before we went. I will get around to posting some images of Milford Sound, The Chasm and Cascade Creek soon.

– Julz


Travel Theme: Environment

I was checking out everyone’s posts and came across a challenge I have not seen before, and everyone knows by now I love a really good Photo challenge, so without further a due I will hope on board; Travel Challenge by Where’s my Backpack?¬†These week’s theme is Environment.

I honestly wasn’t quite sure where to start on this one so I selected a few of my favorite pics from areas that require conservation, that I have traveled to.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Plastic

This weeks theme is Plastic, for Cee’s B&W Challenge, usually Plastic is very colorful, so I found when done in B&W it lost some of its vibrancy, or is that just me?¬†Anyway the first one is a Bright Blue Plastic peg outside a re created Bower Bird Nest at Healesville Sanctuary, VIC. I saw it and thought it would be perfect for this week’s theme.

Picnic Dinner

The next shot is not strictly speaking B&W, I know a bit cheeky! Anyway it was a bright red plastic boat on the shore of Lake Wanaka in NZ. I dropped all the color from the shot except the Red and then over saturated those, it turned the boat a little pink, but I was overall happy with the effect.Picnic Dinner

– Julz

One Word Photo Challenge – Teal

This week’s One Word Challenge is Teal. Another shot from NZ this time Akaroa Harbour. Gorgeous spot in the French Quarter of New Zealand (east side South Island) very pretty and a great spot for Dolphin, Whale, Seal and Penguin Spotting. Unfortunately the weather was horrible and it was not a great day for spotting whales or dolphins, however we did spot many seals and a penguin, as lots of birds. Anyway a lot of the water in the lakes of NZ of a really bright blue turquoise color, but due to the really low grey clouds it turned it a teal blue!Akaroa Dolphins