Monochrome Madness 2-8


Sirens Boathouse & Kiosk at St Leonards Pier, Ballerine Peninsula

– Julz


Monochrome Madness 2-7

In honor of ANZAC Day on 25th April, I have done my own version of commemoration, this is a special edition of 100 Year Anniversary Bear, belonging to my Aunt.

Sienna-0598Lest we forget

– Julz

Monochrome Madness – MM2.5

I know it’s late and missed the cut off, but I thought I would still post anyway……..MM2.5. Julie Powell_MM2.5

Originally taken on my Smart Phone for Instagram, I quickly and spontaneously draw this for Moth on a deserted Flynn’s Beach on Phillip Island. It has been 25 years since we first got together…… in B&W

– Julz

Monochrome Madness – 2-4

I have been playing with various different looks of late, trying to find my thing I guess. This week’s Monochrome Madness Shot is a candid shot of my cousin – The Snake Wrangler, from when I was doing a photo shoot with his daughter recently (He thought I was just trying to get a close up of the snake!). I felt that this shot required something a little different for me, I have added a real depth and contrast as well as drama and grunge element to it. I didn’t want to make it look old, I wanted it to look dramatic and rough (a bit like my cousin) he is what they used to call a Man’s Man……he drinks, he smokes, he swears, he deals with dangerous animals for a living. But he really is a good Bloke and a great Dad.


– Julz

Monochrome Madness – MM 2-3

Monochrome Madness time again, thanks to Leanne Cole. It’s hard to believe Summer is over and March nearly finished as well, it wont be long until Winter sets in. This will be the last Summer shot for the season, it was taken a few weekends ago down at Flinders Beach in Mornington……..You can see the new jetty / wharf / pier (or whatever you call it) in the distance, I am assuming this is whats is left of the old one?
Flinders BeachNot much post processing involved at all, just converted to B&W, adjusted the contrast and exposure a little and added a frame!

– Julz