One Four Challenge – Week 3

Week 3 in March for Robyn’s One Four Challenge, I have been promising to to something a bit lighter and brighter; here it is. I would love to tell you exactly HOW I got here, but I do not think I could replicate it………..shame really. I did replace the sky with something brighter and summer fluffy clouds. I also lightened up the exposure and adjusted the whites and blacks, I dropped the clarity right down and brought up the luminosity right up(all in Lightroom), then I added some filters, made a few more adjustments and voila summer lighthouse. A Big change from last two weeks………….I will have to come up with something special for next week!  Akaroa Dolphins

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– Julz


One Four Challenge – March Week 1

After 1 month off I am back for another Month of One Four Challenge by Robyn at Captivate Me

Akaroa DolphinsThis month I am using a favorite picture i took on a recent trip to NZ, this is the Lighthouse at Akaroa on the South Island. I removed all the color, except for the reds, and then over saturated them. Perhaps a little dark, but it was very overcast, gloomy and grey. Perhaps next week I can add a little more light and depth

– Julz