Cee’s Fun Foto Challange – Clouds

This week’s Cee Fun Foto Challange is Clouds. Interesting I thought, there are Summer clouds, Winter, Autumn and Spring Clouds, then there are storm clouds, fluffy white hazy clouds. I have spent the last 6 months collecting cloud photos, here is just a few of my favorites, including one I think looks like the clouds from the Simpsons!

– Julz


Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird, I will admit I am not known for my early rising, but there have beena few times I have gotten up before the birds for photos, here is just a few

– Julz

One Four Challenge – April Week 4

One Four Challenge – April Week 4, so this week I have finally had some time to try a couple of quick re edits from a Post I did back in December, wow it seems so long ago now.

I was actually fairly game and perhaps a bit over enthusiastic and did two different images (See all 4 versions of Image 1 – The Canberra Cottage here).

April Re Do_Cottage-2

Personally I really liked Week 2 image the best, but the light was just a little bright, so I thought I would try another re edit, give it back some softness and old world charm, without making it B&W.

I also at the same time did the next image (view all 4 versions of Image 2 – The Beach here).

April Re Do_Beach-4I did a high contrast B&W, although to be honest I am not overly convinced this work’s either? I still think I prefer Week 2, even though it really looks nothing like a photo, I still think it looks kinda cool and funky.

– Julz

Travel Theme – Centre

This week’s Travel Theme by WheresmyBackpack is Centre.  I thought Center could be applied different ways

noun: center
  1. the point that is equally distant from every point on the circumference of a circle or sphere.
  2. the point from which an activity or process is directed, or on which it is focused.
  3. “the city was a centre of discontent”
verbverb: center
  1. occur mainly in or around (a specified place). “the textile industry was centred in Lancashire and Yorkshire”
  2. place in the middle. “to centre the needle, turn the knob”

– Julz

Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Things with Numbers

This week Cee’s Black and White Challenge is Anything with Numbers on it, personally I thought Letterboxes! So I decided to do a random montage of interesting letterboxes while we are out on our evening walk. I think I am becoming a strange oddity in our neighborhood,  firstly I am up at the duck pond before first light and well after dark with my tripod and camera.

Now I have taken to wandering the neighborhood taking random photos of people’s letterboxes. I think they are wondering what on earth I do with them all!

– Julz