Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Geometric Shapes

Cee’s Black and White Photo challenge for this week is Geometric Shapes. I visited several spots along the Ballerine Peninsula in Victoria this week, I got some great shots, all with a geometric edge to them, some with multiple (Circles, Squares, rectangles.


Ballerina at Sunset

Over the Easter break I did several photo shoots down at the beach, this is another of my favorite models, My Ballerina (She appeared in my Feet & Shoes Photo Challenge). We wanted to do an Arts style shoot on the beach during sunset, with the wind blowing a gauzy, filmy material around like a surreal dream; problem – No Wind! For days we waited and waited and in the end on our final day at the beach we just had to become creative. Caity danced on the beach with various different materials trying to get some’ lift’, we also tried just throwing the material up, and also holding it out. I ended up using various different filters and effects to create a dreamy surreal look as well as a B&W Series for movement. A wind machine probably would have worked better in a studio and I could have also used Photoshop to add a sunset beach background, but we wanted the real deal. Looking back on it now I should have also arranged on perhaps a dress or slip or something a little more dramatic as well. For next time maybe!Ballerina at Sunset--7

– Julz

Autumn Outings – Sunset over Prospect Hill Reserve

Last weekend I braved the pre dawn to visit the dick pond at Prospect Hill Reserve and photograph the sunrise. Last night I ventured up to catch the sunset. I went up there the other night for a walk, silly me did not talk the camera or even my phone……d’oh. Then we had a few nights oh truly dismal weather, all clouds, no sun for a nice sunset. Anyway so last night I wandered back up there, this time with my camera. There were a lot of people walking dogs, playing soccer, jogging, riding bikes etc.

Eventually I made my way down to the duck pond, and waited until the sun started to set.

As I watched the last rays I turned around to start the short walk home and saw this! The Moon is almost full, I cannot wait for tomorrow night’s eclipse, I just hope the weather is as good

Autumn Sunset--5

– Julz

Cape Schank and Flinders Pt 2

Earlier in the week I put up Part 1 – Cape Schank and Pulpit Rock, from a Trip down to Flinders last weekend. Now I will be putting up the images from Part 2, which i have finally got around to editing. We actually went to the Blow Hole First and this is where I also tried a bit of Long ExposureFlinders Beach

A little blurry but not bad for a first effort? I will need to experiment with this a bit more, if you would like to read a bit more on my long Exposure & using ND lesson, click here. It was very stormy and blustery, and the sky added a little drama, we were hoping for some slightly better weather. Once we left the Blow Hole we went into Flinders for a late Brunch and watch the excitement as a Koala sauntered across the grass and climbed the tree in front of the cafe……smart phones were produced by everyone in the area at once. Anyway we then headed down to Flinders Beach, by this stage the clouds had thinned out and the sun was just making it’s appearance. It was turning into a lovely Autumn Day.

– Julz

Summer Outings – Sky High, Mount Dandenong and Surrounding Areas_Pt.1

We have been continuing our summer day trips by going back into the Dandenongs, predominantly to visit the Chainsaw Carving Competition, which I covered in a previous blog entry. So while we were up there anyway we decided to have a wander around Sky High, which Moth has never been and I have not been in many years. There is now a Maze (which cost $6.00pp – so we did not do that), we went through the English Rose Garden, the Secret Garden (which would be a great spot for weddings!), the Possum House, the Giants Chair……………after about 1hour we had pretty much seen everything. I must admit I was a little disappointed after paying the $5.00 entry fee. However it was a pleasant morning which we finished off with coffee looking out over the vista of Melbourne before us. A shame the weather was not so great.

Sunset from my Back Door

I was literally hanging out the laundry door shooting on live mode with the camera hovering over our very tall fences to get these shots, taken at 5 minute intervals last night. I was going to crop out the neighbors fruit trees and shade cloth, but I figured it actually added a little more interest as silhouettes against the sky which poetically caught on fire last night………the colors were amazingSunset out my back door

Sunset out my back door

Sunset out my back door

P.S. it was a beautiful morning and quite a nice today today, I guess what they say is true, red sky at night sailors delight.

– Julz