One Four Challenge – April Week 4

One Four Challenge – April Week 4, so this week I have finally had some time to try a couple of quick re edits from a Post I did back in December, wow it seems so long ago now.

I was actually fairly game and perhaps a bit over enthusiastic and did two different images (See all 4 versions of Image 1 – The Canberra Cottage here).

April Re Do_Cottage-2

Personally I really liked Week 2 image the best, but the light was just a little bright, so I thought I would try another re edit, give it back some softness and old world charm, without making it B&W.

I also at the same time did the next image (view all 4 versions of Image 2 – The Beach here).

April Re Do_Beach-4I did a high contrast B&W, although to be honest I am not overly convinced this work’s either? I still think I prefer Week 2, even though it really looks nothing like a photo, I still think it looks kinda cool and funky.

– Julz


One Four Challenge – April Week 3

One Four Challenge – by Robyn at Captivate Me, So for this week, I thought I would review from Last month – which I think is probably my favorite image. I really was torn between this and week 3 from March, but this was hands down the favorite shot by everyone else.

Week 1

Week 1

If you would like to see all the version from March, click here. I still have one more week of review, or is that 2, April gives us an extra 1/2 week? I will again try next week to re edit an old shot

– Julz

One Four Challenge – April Week 2

One Four Challenge – April Week 2

I don’t even know what to say about this week, i had planned on re doing a few shots from previous challenges, but have been so busy with various things, and again have not done any new edits. Instead I will just review one of my other favorites from previous challenges. This is Mr Pelican from January this year……….wow it seems like so long ago, but only yesterday!

Aussie Animals

I still love this shot, there is something so majestic about Pelican’s I am not sure why, I mean have you watched them walk? But when they fly, they are stunning. I tried various different effects with Mr Pelican, I had just got my hands on Nik Effects and was doing some serious playing around! 🙂 You can see all 4 versions here. Until next week, maybe I can finally do some more edits.

– Julz

One Four Challenge – April Week 1

Robyn has declared April a month of looking back at at what we have done, a month of reflection, or a month of do-overs. I was very new when I attempted my first One Four challenge, and I was so excited. I thought I could use my extensive artistic talent (or so I thought) to create some fun and amazing images. I was actually quite happy with most of the images I used, but a few could do with a do over now that I am actually now much better with Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as all my new filters, plugins and Nik Efex etc.

November for me was all about my Elephant, you can see all 4 versions here. Week 3 was my favorite, as it was something so strange and alien from anything I ever get to do. I have always enjoyed Pop Art, but never really had an avenue to create any. This elephant, is far from technically good, let alone perfect. But I had so much fun doing it. I may have to create one again.


The challenge has opened my eyes and made me go out and learn new things………..I have seen other peoples work and I wanted to emulate the style or feel of something, so I would ask questions and or read their notes and tried to teach myself.

In some ways I would like to try him again, but it just would not be the same. I love this image for more than what it is, but what it stands for; a life journey! it was not the most voted Pic for the month, but I still love him.

– Julz

One Four Challenge – March Week 4

I cannot believe it is almost the end of March, so far it has been a very busy year, but I have still managed to deliver my week 4 for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. Fortunately I was a little over eager earlier in the month and planned ahead, otherwise I think this may have been a blank page!

Akaroa Dolphins

I have continued playing with backgrounds and different skies and lighting effects, but this time I also add some puddles and rain via Photoshop. I have still tried to keep it fairly light as opposed to my first two weeks, where I had both images dark and moody.

Personally I really liked Week 3, it was cartoony (if that is even a wood) and had just the right balance of color and depth…….or that could be just my opinion. Anyway for April we are reminiscing and re touching some old post……….I have only been doing this since November, so I don’t really have much of a back catalog as such, I guess I will re look at some of them anyway. Maybe my newly honed skills can bring something new out in them.

– Julz

One Four Challenge – March Week 2

This week for Robyn’s One Four Challenge I have been playing with backgrounds. I know I said I would do something a lighter……..but I’ll hold that for next week. So for this week, I removed the gloomy grey background from last week’s effort and replaced with a moonlight sky in Photoshop and highlighted the moon to accentuate it, then added a Moonlight Filter back in Lightroom. But I still wasn’t finished so I went into Color Efex Pro 4 and added some fog, then I added some more moody clouds,  illuminated the lighthouse and added a subtle vignette. It’s still dark and gloomy, but now it has a real mystical night time feel to it. I wish I had some astro photography shots I could slot in too. Oh well, maybe next month. So I think I will keep changing up the backgrounds to see if I can give this picture a completely different look each week.

Akarao Lighthouse

Akaroa Dolphins

March Week 1

Last week’s version I removed all the color, except for Red, and then over saturated the reds, but this was all just in Lightroom. Maybe next week I can try for something a little lighter, a sunrise or sunset?

– Julz


One Four Challenge – March Week 1

After 1 month off I am back for another Month of One Four Challenge by Robyn at Captivate Me

Akaroa DolphinsThis month I am using a favorite picture i took on a recent trip to NZ, this is the Lighthouse at Akaroa on the South Island. I removed all the color, except for the reds, and then over saturated them. Perhaps a little dark, but it was very overcast, gloomy and grey. Perhaps next week I can add a little more light and depth

– Julz