One Four Challenge – April Week 4

One Four Challenge – April Week 4, so this week I have finally had some time to try a couple of quick re edits from a Post I did back in December, wow it seems so long ago now.

I was actually fairly game and perhaps a bit over enthusiastic and did two different images (See all 4 versions of Image 1 – The Canberra Cottage here).

April Re Do_Cottage-2

Personally I really liked Week 2 image the best, but the light was just a little bright, so I thought I would try another re edit, give it back some softness and old world charm, without making it B&W.

I also at the same time did the next image (view all 4 versions of Image 2 – The Beach here).

April Re Do_Beach-4I did a high contrast B&W, although to be honest I am not overly convinced this work’s either? I still think I prefer Week 2, even though it really looks nothing like a photo, I still think it looks kinda cool and funky.

– Julz


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