Travel Theme – One Color

This week’s Travel Theme is One Color, sometimes I feel like I am repeating myself with some of the challenges, almost feel like they are starting to blur, and I do not want to keep reusing old pics for similar themes, I apologize if I am.  So for this week I have used a couple of very recent shots. One is of a fair at Easter, all lights and action, but not many people. Take this empty Ferris wheel. The second shot is the moon taken the night BEFORE the Lunar Eclipse (also at Easter). It was actually larger that night than just before the eclipse, I was out shooting a sunset, when I got this snap shot. The tree was just a little hazy from the light breeze which had picked up, so I applied the Orton Effect to enhance the depth, but only at 50% so it wasn’t too blurry.

Easter Fair-5 Autumn Sunset--5– Julz


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