Furbaby Friday

I took these shots on the Easter Long weekend, just before we went away. Both cats playing in the afternoon sunshine. Quite possibly the last sun we will see for awhile, now we are heading towards the tail end of Autumn. We seem to hit a certain point and BAM! winter has arrived. I know we still get sun in winter, but it is weak and not very warm. Don’t get me wrong we do not get snow or anything where I live, I just don’t like the cold.Cats-

This top one is Teddy which I played with the Orton Effect filter I have, however I used it as a layer at 40% opacity and it gives a nice software look to the image I could not recreate with a luminosity mask. Cats--2

This is Zorro, no Orton Effect here, but I did highlight his eyes with a slight, but bright green layer mask (his eyes are NOT normally this bright!) I was aiming for a Fantasy feel, such as a Witches’ familiar;  I am not sure if he looks more Fantasy or Zombie? Does he belong in Wizard of Oz or Walking Dead?

– Julz


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