The Trouble with Tuesdays – Tales from the shoot

On Saturday I attended a photo shoot for a friend’s daughter 21st. They had asked months ago and I agreed. It was such a large undertaking. The Birthday Girl  (BDG) originally wanted to do a ‘studio’ style shoot before the party, of which I said I was more than happy to do it, but it would probably be better to do it a week or so before, or after. After having done a 21st myself a few years ago, there was a lot of work involved and she would be too stressed for a formal sitting – I was right 3:30 dragged to 4:30 to a panicked 5:30 and still no shoot. I told BDG not to worry we could do that some other time and I met her Mum at the Hall to set up a backdrop with balloons and accessories for a Photo Booth at the party.

Now remember,  I am fairly new to this photography gig (less than 6 months) and had only really done one portrait sitting, so to do numerous ‘portrait style’ shots at my photo booth was very busy work. Lighting was poor and I did not have anyone to hold my reflector most of the time. So I shot on the fly with hopes of correcting any issues later in Lightroom. I got everyone to pose for traditional style shots and then I asked everyone to do some silly poses and stuff………surprise the more silly or candid the shot the better!

Then there was the speeches, cake cutting, dancing, toasts, random shots of people from table to table. I had a lot of photo bombing going on (even from BDG – which I encouraged). Photo bombs done well, are fantastic, however I did have one silly idiot who insisted on putting his hands or head in front  of the camera, continuously – I ended up having to put him in his place. I did not make a friend out of him, but everyone else thought it was funny – he didn’t, but he stopped be annoying! The last Pic ‘Selfie’ didn’t quite work out as planned I think there was too much flash on the iPhone which couldn’t be corrected. Oh well I know for next time to take two shots and Photoshop the smaller one in.

BDG was radiant (once she had calmed down and the party started), and her Boyfriend was great and we got lots of fantastic shots, and I had a lot of fun with her best friends and some fun shots as well.

To be honest very little went to plan, it all went to hell in a hand basket. It was awkward taking photos of people I didn’t know and even more awkward taking photos of people I knew very well. Everyone insisted they hated photos and looked terribly, I said I didn’t care I promised BDG I would take photos of EVERYONE! In the end I think I got everyone. It was a great night and I got some great shots………hopefully BDG and her Mum are very happy with the end result.

– Julz


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