Autumn Outings – Dawn over Prospect Hill Reserve

Last week fellow Blogger Leanne Cole challenged us to think more about photographing in our own back yard. Leanne made mention of the fact, that in reality when you are travel you are usually held at the mercy of time constraints and cannot always be at a particular place and the ‘right’ time. Sometimes the weather is poor on the only day you are at a marvelous scenic spot. I know from recent trips,  that you just have to shoot with what is handed to you. But what if you didn’t have to travel, what if you visit places in your own vicinity? There is lots of interesting places right in your own back yard, if you take the time to investigate,  and being only a few minutes away you can go almost any time you like. It’s a great idea and in all honesty gave me the push to finally do something about a shoot I had been thinking about for awhile.

Near to where I live (less than 2km) is a Retarding Basin, for when the floods come, it is called Prospect Hill Reserve, there is also a soccer field there with a club house. There are walking and cycling tracks and many people walk their dogs, jog, etc. Summer evenings it  is really quite busy. As you walk past the soccer field, and down the dirt track you would never know (unless you were told) about the Duck Pond at the bottom of the ditch. I have photographed it before during the day, early evening, but never at sunrise. So the other morning, I was awake anyway, so I grabbed a warm jacket and my gear and headed off to the Duck Pond. It was dark and quiet as I made my way down there, but it was not eerie or creepy, as I feared it would be. I wandered around and took a few pre dawn shots, found what I had hoped was a good spot when the first rays started to light the sky.

As I was standing there waiting for the sun to rise,  the raucous from the wildlife (birds mostly) was almost deafening, But they were all so quick and it was still too dark I couldn’t really get any decent images. Slowly the sun rose and lit the sky, catching and reflecting in the water from the duck pond.

The Beauty of shooting in your own backyard, is that I didn’t have to get up super early, and I was home within a short period of time for a lovely cup of coffee……..the sunrise only latest a few minutes and was truly beautiful. Gave me happy thoughts for the day. It also go me out of bed early and got plenty of other stuff done too! So, take the time to investigate what is in your own backyard, it may not be a duck pond, or bushland, it may be a playground, some interesting architecture, but you can make just about anything seem interesting if photographed the right way.

P.S. This is what it looks like during the daylight

– Julz


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