One Four Challenge – March Week 4

I cannot believe it is almost the end of March, so far it has been a very busy year, but I have still managed to deliver my week 4 for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. Fortunately I was a little over eager earlier in the month and planned ahead, otherwise I think this may have been a blank page!

Akaroa Dolphins

I have continued playing with backgrounds and different skies and lighting effects, but this time I also add some puddles and rain via Photoshop. I have still tried to keep it fairly light as opposed to my first two weeks, where I had both images dark and moody.

Personally I really liked Week 3, it was cartoony (if that is even a wood) and had just the right balance of color and depth…….or that could be just my opinion. Anyway for April we are reminiscing and re touching some old post……….I have only been doing this since November, so I don’t really have much of a back catalog as such, I guess I will re look at some of them anyway. Maybe my newly honed skills can bring something new out in them.

– Julz


17 responses to “One Four Challenge – March Week 4

  1. The puddle with reflection is a unique touch, I like it. But, week 1 is my overall favorite. I see what you are talking about with week 3, the sky and colors are really sharp and nice. Week 1 is stunning, the red is perfect and just enough to make your eye wander through the image in awe.

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  2. Love that puddle Julz – clever and creative!
    I have to vote for the BW though – its my fave! Youve had a great month, so glad you planned ahead.
    If you havent already, read my blurb about next month. We are each doing a gallery and can choose to do an extra something or nothing.
    Many of us began editing in November 😃 Its been a fun ride!

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