Cape Schank and Flinders Pt 2

Earlier in the week I put up Part 1 – Cape Schank and Pulpit Rock, from a Trip down to Flinders last weekend. Now I will be putting up the images from Part 2, which i have finally got around to editing. We actually went to the Blow Hole First and this is where I also tried a bit of Long ExposureFlinders Beach

A little blurry but not bad for a first effort? I will need to experiment with this a bit more, if you would like to read a bit more on my long Exposure & using ND lesson, click here. It was very stormy and blustery, and the sky added a little drama, we were hoping for some slightly better weather. Once we left the Blow Hole we went into Flinders for a late Brunch and watch the excitement as a Koala sauntered across the grass and climbed the tree in front of the cafe……smart phones were produced by everyone in the area at once. Anyway we then headed down to Flinders Beach, by this stage the clouds had thinned out and the sun was just making it’s appearance. It was turning into a lovely Autumn Day.

– Julz


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