Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Abstract

This week for Cee’s Fun Foto Challange, we are looking at Abstract. Well some of these are a little abstract. My Fish under wire, to stop the damn Herons eating them (although Fatty, our big one would probably choke the silly bird these days – he is so big), then we have added doors to the shed………well why wouldn’t you? The next is a butterfly chrysalis. I was sitting in my Zen spot having a coffee and doing some macro shots when this literally dropped from the sky and landed on the Milfoil (water plant) in the pond. Then the grub came out and started eating the plants. A bird must have dropped it fly overhead – now that is abstract. Then another odd pic I had lying around, we were at Jam Jerrup Beach I believe, just having a ‘Rest Stop’ when I spotted this child’s shoe on the grass……there was no one else even there. I bet Mum was not happy the child lost such an expensive looking shoe. Or maybe Cinderella left it? And finally just some abstract oddities from our various travels.



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