Problem Child, or is that Children?

We have a few problem Children which cause all sorts of issues, Chloe can make gardening for Moth extremely difficult, when she insists on sitting in his lap!

Then there are the Human Children, who frequently encourage furry children to be precocious and annoying, albeit cute, well the animals Human Children are all grown up, beyond the cute phase these days!!

And then there is this Problem Child, who insists on helping me write my blog, he hogs the mouse (so much that I had to move it to my tablet draw!) and makes my life difficult………..but you gotta love em. However what is really annoying, is that on the right of this image is a window. Zorro often turns around to watch out the window. When there are birds outside, his tail twitches and he fidgets and knocks everything off – I have no photo as I am usually trying to save what is on the bench!

– Julz

Problem Child-5-2

Problem Child-7


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