Furever Friends – Mortisha


My baby Girl, Mortisha…..what can I say, she was a naughty, but very special little girl. A Friend of ours had a Fox Terrier (Snoopy)who we tried unsuccessfully to mate with our boy Dewey (Turned out another friends Blue Heeler did the job), Anyway when we found our Snoopy was going to have puppies we said we would have one thinking they were Dewey’s pups. We were all very excited, especially the children and eagerly awaited the arrival. They were all born on Halloween, hence the weird name (From the Adams Family), all the pups got ghostly, ghastly names…..Mortisha, The Red Baron, Ghost, Devil and there was another but I cannot remember his name. All the pups were white (just like their mother) but Mortisha (or just Tish) had black ears and paws. They were all very large pups and soon got too big for Snoopy to feed. Then the ‘Blue’ spots started appearing and we all new my little Jack Russell was not the Dad! The pups got so big they had to leave Snoopy very young, (they almost killed her) and we basically hand reared Tish from about 4 weeks old. The older she got, the bigger she got, the more Blue Heeler she became. She was another Heeler through and through, just like my Magnum was. She was naughty and destructive and chewed everything. She was not as smart as Magnum, but she was still pretty smart. Unfortunately she was not as well trained as Magnum, 2 small children took up most of my time, so she was not as well behaved as she should have been.

She drove Moth wild and he frequently threatened to take her to the pound, but as naughty as she was, she was my girl. She followed me everywhere and was my protector. She was also fiercely loyal to my girls and a playmate to Dewey. When we moved house, she struggled with the change and became a little strange. She even met the dog we believe was her father, this was not a happy reunion, and she actually tried to attack poor Jake. After Dewey passed away, she became a lone dog, isolated and unapproachable to most but me. She still spent every minute with me, but did not want to be near any other animal, as such we never got another dog after Dewey passed away for fear over it’s safety. Little did we know she was already sick. She was mostly quiet and happy as an old dog, until one day she was not well, we took her to the vet assuming she swallowed something she she not have been chewing anyway. They did X-ray and though there was something stuck in her bowel, so we told them to operate, that is when we discovered she had cancer………..EVERYWHERE! She must have been sick for quite a long time, but there were never really any outside signs. In hindsight it became obvious, but at the time we never knew. we said our good byes there on the operating table, she barely gained consciousness, but I held her in my arms. We took her home and buried her next to Dewey.

Many years later I read that John Grogan book “Marley & Me” I laughed and cried so much. The tales were all so similar. Tisha was my Marley……….they very best and the very worst dog.

Tish brings me to our current stable of animals; my Fur Babies of today are also started to get old and it has been 9 years since I lost Tish, we now have Chloe, Teddy, Zorro and Buddy. I know that in the years ahead they will all get old and grumpy and I will lose them too, but for now I cherish them all.

I have had many a laugh and a tear reminiscing about all my former Fur babies, I hope you have enjoyed hearing about them.

– Julz


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