One Four Challenge – March Week 2

This week for Robyn’s One Four Challenge I have been playing with backgrounds. I know I said I would do something a lighter……..but I’ll hold that for next week. So for this week, I removed the gloomy grey background from last week’s effort and replaced with a moonlight sky in Photoshop and highlighted the moon to accentuate it, then added a Moonlight Filter back in Lightroom. But I still wasn’t finished so I went into Color Efex Pro 4 and added some fog, then I added some more moody clouds,  illuminated the lighthouse and added a subtle vignette. It’s still dark and gloomy, but now it has a real mystical night time feel to it. I wish I had some astro photography shots I could slot in too. Oh well, maybe next month. So I think I will keep changing up the backgrounds to see if I can give this picture a completely different look each week.

Akarao Lighthouse

Akaroa Dolphins

March Week 1

Last week’s version I removed all the color, except for Red, and then over saturated the reds, but this was all just in Lightroom. Maybe next week I can try for something a little lighter, a sunrise or sunset?

– Julz



21 responses to “One Four Challenge – March Week 2

  1. Julie I didnt recognise this when I saw it, great job on the edit. This is a personal thing but I would have put the moon a bit higher in the sky, at the angle Im seeing it at across CHCH it would quite high. Of course no one else but me would notice that LOL!

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  2. Beautiful, I missed last week, what a cool edit with the gorgeous red! That is such an eye-catcher. This week, I really like the mystery and focus on the mood of the image. The sky is nice and interesting too. Two very different feels and great outcomes, well done!

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