Furever Friends – Midget

I am running very late with this Furever Friends, I apologize. This week’s Friend is Midget. Midget was brought home as a gift for my Husband after he lost his cat Sam. We all instantly fell in love with this crazy cat, who my Hubby actually named Gargoyle! I nicknamed him Midget, as he was so small and I guess it stuck. My Eldest Daughter was about 1.5years old at the time and frequently carried him around by the neck, as I used to with my cat Tammy. My Daughter and that damn cat were inseparable. They played together, they slept together. This was great as far as My cat Noui was concerned; he was old and grumpy by then and was not quite the same after Sam died. Noui tolerated Midget, but that was all.



Sadly Midget was not with us very long, he somehow managed to get out of the house and was met with a nasty end with my car. We were broken hearted, especially my daughter who was not old enough to understand what happened. This started a run of bad luck, we got another cat Kimba, who was very pretty but such a nasty cat. He frequently attacked the children and used the house as a litterbox. It was decided he would become an outside cat, as I refused to let him in the house. He too met a very grizzly end with a car, but I must admit I was not as devastated as I was with Midget. Not long after all this we too lost my cat Noui………so we had done 4 cats in less than 12 months. The powers that be were telling me no more cats!

– Julz


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