Kea – NZ Alpine Parrot

Milford Sound

I kind of fell in love with this guy a little while in NZ, they are the world’s only Alpine Parrot, they are cute, not very timid, love a photograph, are actually quite big (approx 30cm) and are such a character. Even though they are an endangered species they are a nuisance to the locals! They love to steal items from unsuspecting tourist, rumored to once have stolen $1100 from some tourist. They also climb all over cars and strip off the rubber and stuff. The NZ Government have apparently just approved a deterrent spray to keep off cars. But they are so very very cute. A Olive Green in color with bright crimson under wing feathers (sorry I didn’t getting any pics of that). They mate for life and are considered more intelligent than other birds. They also like to play! For more info check out this website NZ Birds Online

Milford Sound

So I have been partially inspired by Chris at SV Take it easy with her numerous and beautiful wild life photography shots, especially of bird life to try and take some shots while we are away, so far not really doing a great job, except for this guy. But I will endeavor to keep trying.

– Julz


One response to “Kea – NZ Alpine Parrot

  1. Julz! I managed to get service in our little cove! Those shots are excellent! I had never seen a kea before and am really intrigued by their look: the very hooky beak, the beautiful pattern on the plumage and that deep green tinge! They certainly don’t look afraid of people or cars for that matter! Nicely done and than you for the mention – very nice of you😘 xox Chris

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