Furever Friends – Magnum

Introducing Magnum – the worlds greatest dog!Magnum

Every once in a while you hear about that one dog, who was so well trained it must be a magic trick, or the owners spent hours and hours teaching him tricks..in Magnum’s case, it was mainly him. He was the worlds greatest dog. He was a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), and he was smart…………I mean really smart. But he wasn’t perfect. Magnum also featured in The Perils of Pets, He did both the Cactus and ate the lead!

He chewed on everything and I mean everything, it was the only thing we could never teach him……….STOP CHEWING! We had so many people tell us fool proof, guaranteed ways to stop him chewing; NONE of them worked. It’s a Heeler thing I know, but Magnum took it to extremes. Apart from chewing he was amazing, my personal guardian. I was not allowed to open the door to strangers if he wasn’t standing between me and the door, and he always knew who was at the door! He was gentle but played very hard with Moth, terrified people who didn’t know him, he grew to be very large dog………all the above pics are of him as a pup. He was bullied mercilessly by the cats; Noui and Sam – the very first day we brought Magnum home, Sam slashed him across the snout…….the poor pup was terrified and that is the way things stood.

When my eldest daughter was born we put a bar across the hallway near her room, he could easily walk over it, but he knew he was not supposed to, so he never did. When she was a bub she would sit in her bouncer with Magnum at her feet, he would rock her by placing a paw on the edge of the bouncer, soon baby and dog learned how to a) keep bub quiet b) how to get more rocking. My Daughter would cry until the dog rocked her……..the dog rocked her to stop her fussing. It worked, and left me free to do my own thing! Of course Magnum (Or Maggie as I usually called him) was great for catching balls, fetching sticks, would also pick up rubbish, get things and bring them (newspaper etc). He loved water, we had a pool back then and he was forever in the pool. I was worried one day he might get stuck and drown, so we created a sort of hammock thing with some shade cloth tacked to a few bits of timber and he spent many a hot day laying in that, partly submerged in the water.

He was rarely walked on lead, but always by my side, he never ran off, always stopped at the curb to look for traffic. He was one of those dogs who usually carried his own lead in his mouth. He was a family dog, but as usually the way with Heelers, he was a one man dog, or in my case one woman dog………..purely and simply Magnum was mine and I was his.

– Julz


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