THE Tree – Lake Wanaka

OK so I have seen this tree everywhere on the internet, (if you really do not recognize it, type Lake Wanaka into Google Images!) I was really excited to find out it was at Lake Wanaka NZ, as it was one of the places we were staying. Now they say to get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions……..well it also pays to ask the RIGHT Person!

We got to Wanaka and spent a few days wandering up and down the coastline and could not find any sign of THE Tree. ‘Maybe it’s not there any more offered Moth, or ‘maybe it’s an optical illusion’; as I had recently discovered the sunset or even sunrise over Lake Wananka is a Photoshop illusion! From every angle I saw this beautiful lake and it is an impossibility! It’s a beautiful lake surround on ALL Sides by a huge mountain range! The sun disappears behind the range but sets hours later….there for NO SUNSET!!!! Thanks guys (whoever you may be) I was all set to take fantastic sunrise and sun set shots, but I digress. We could not find this damn tree. I asked a lot of locals, I asked people working in the area, I asked DOC Park Rangers, but no one knew what I was talking about. Maybe it was just another Photoshop illusion? Then on our last morning, we stopped in to grab some things in town and I walked past a Camera Store…….there in the window was a photo of THE TREE. I ran inside and virtually demanded the guy tell me where the tree was (He saw me, my camera, my backpack of gear – I think he understood). He calmly said walk out this street, turn left, walk about 200m past the campground track and you’ll see it. I honestly think my jaw was hanging open, I didn’t expect it to be right here in town! I thought surely it was in some obscure place almost impossible to get to. But trust a photographer to know exactly what another photographer was looking for. I thanked him profusely, handed him money for a coffee, and left in a hurry…..with Moth in tow! So without any further adulation, I proudly present The Tree (if you still don’t recognize it, truly just Google Lake Wanaka images!)OK so no mist in the background or snow on the mountain range….but I did get a bonus…….there was a bird in my tree!

The Tree - Lake Wanaka

The Tree - Lake Wanaka

The Tree - Lake Wanaka


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