Church of the Good Shepherd – Lake Tekapo

There were a few places on my bucket list when I was preparing this holiday to New Zealand, all from a variety of amazing photos; Hobbiton (See previous post), another was The Tree at Lake Wanaka and the other was the Tiny Little Chapel, with the big reputation. The Church of the Good Shepherd, at Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo -Church of the Good Shepherd

Apparently things have changed there a bit lately, there is a very stern Minister glaring at anyone with a camera, there is a sign on the steps (I have removed them in the pictures) saying no photography allowed, it didn’t seem to stop anyone else, so it didn’t stop me either. However He would not let anyone in the Chapel with a camera…….it was even a Sunday Morning! So no pics inside, but the views from outside are breathtaking. There were people with cameras everywhere. It really is a beautiful spot and I was not disappointed in the least. I just hope someone asks the Minister to ease up, we are not hurting anyone, just capturing the beauty of his Chapel and the surrounding area. I do wish one day to take some night time shots as apparently the cleanest air in the world can be found in this area and it has been listed on World Heritage list for Astro photography and solar observatory (Mt John and Mt Cook are both nearby – but I didn’t get to visit either of those on this trip).



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