Furever Friends – Sam

SamIntroducing – Sam

Technically Sam was my husband’s cat, he was a farm cat, good old mouse hunting, possum killing, bring you half a lizard because he liked you, Farm Cat. He spent most of his time outside, catching his own food. Only came home when he got lonely (once every few days). He was a real cat, aloof, only wanted attention on his terms. Would frequently leave half a rat, mouse, bird or lizard on the front porch. My hubby never knew what he would find on the mat and always checked the when he left for work – before stepping on the mat! When he was playful he would come inside hop onto my lap and deposit a life frog or lizard……………just to hear me squeal, I am sure. He also loved to steal food from your plate and head butt you in the face. He used to love to lick your hand or arm and then bite it really hard and then lick it better again!

Another lovely habit he had was to run around upside down on the under side of our bed, where the hessian webbing was……….very annoying. A fact we forgot to tell our flat mate when she scored our bed after we bought a new one. Sam figured it was the same bed, just in a different room, so he started it in her room………..scared her silly the first few times!!

And the horrible things he taught my cat Noui, honestly I thought he’d get him killed, Noui was NOT street smart! We lost Sam as an old cat, but we had many great years with him, he was rough and he was tuff, but he was our Sam! I think in some ways our current cat Teddy bear inherited Sam’s sense of humor and fun, just not the tuff part!

– Julz


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