Furever Friends – Nougat

Introducing Tomalina Toulouse aka Nougat or just plain Noui


Noui was a present from my Aunt after the tragic passing of my cat Tammy. Noui as he became known was a purebred Lilac Point Siamese, his show & breeding name was Tomelina Toulouse (after the cattery he was born and then the painter). He was my joy, I had never had a kitten, Tammy was fully grown when I was born, so we were all in for a treat! Orientals are not like other cats, they are more like dogs in a way. They can be trained! They sit, stay, come and walk on a lead, he used to talk to me constantly (drove my parents mad!). I used to show him and he won all sorts of prizes. He used to come in the car with me, and sit on the back parcel shelf in my car, if I went into a milk bar or something and I took too long, he would honk the horn! Noui even came camping with us, he loved camping, especially when he figured out how to get into eskies and portable fridges; this did not make him any new friends!

He loved the water too, as a lot of Siamese do.


He wasn’t really an outdoor cat, being a show cat in his early years, meant being kept inside and pampered. When my Husband and I moved into together, he had a cat too; Sam (He’ll get his own post). Now Sam taught Noui many things, how to sneak outside, how to climb onto the roof (but not how to get down), how to climb up trees (but not down)……..this resulted in us forever rescuing him; the tale in Perils with Pets mentions one incident when he knocked himself out, trying to jump from a tree! Sam also taught Noui how to hunt (he was never any good) and how to beg. Now Noui became the world’s best beggar. I would get home from work and find him sitting at the front door, all washed, primp and preened and I never did any of it. He had also started to put on a lot of weight, but would never eat what I gave him! After some investigation we found he went to numerous houses, he also managed to find the house with the little old lady who was lonely; but he had 3 or 4 at a time, I’m surprised that he even came home. And it didn’t matter if we moved, he would always find new Nans!

I used to have to eventually chase them all down, explain that he could visit all he wants, but they could not ALL Feed him fresh chicken and tuna fish every DAY. So deals were made and bargains struck..he still visited all his friends, but would not get fed by all of them all the time, a fact which he sulked about I am sure. At least if something happened to me I wouldn’t have to worry about who would look after him!

Noui was still around when my children were born, but by then he was starting to get old and grumpy, and just used to hide under my doona on the bed. When we lost Sam (who had been around most of Noui’s life) he was never quite the same. And he left the kids to the new comers.


Noui with my eldest daughter as a toddler


Noui and new kitten Midget

Noui was about 14 years old when he passed away, not longer after we lost Sam, I was in my 30’s and had only ever really had 2 cats, both for such a long time. It was heart breaking, but then losing any animal is. We had alot of photos and video of Noui, but these are my favorites and I didn’t want to bore anyone silly. So now I can add Noui to my growing list.

– Julz


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