Furever Friends – Tammy

This is Tammy, mentioned in my last Furever Friends Post, her Mother Suzi Cat was a gift to my Mother and when she had her first litter, they kept Tammy as well. Now Tammy was actually born before me, and was in fact 6 years old when I was born. But that didn’t matter, were were apparently always friends.Tammy

As a little girl I used to carry her around by holding my arm under her neck, nearly strangling her, I don’t remember her struggling too much. I remember my own daughter carrying a cat the same way, and he didn’t seem to mind too much either. Tammy was such a gently soul, she would sit with me when I had tea parties, she would let me dress her in dolls clothes and put her in the stroller. She would follow me and my brother up the shops (I think she was keeping an eye on us), we didn’t even think that strange. She would always bail up the Postman and attacked any dog she deemed got too close. In the glory days she was my confidant, my play mate, she helped me through school bullies, boyfriends and even school friend dramas. I was 16 when she passed away in her sleep, at the age of 22.

Towards the end she was deaf, blind and arthritic, she would cry to be picked up and put down or let out. She was deaf so probably didn’t realize how loud she was at the end. She was tenacious even in old age and lived live to the full, a soul worthy of remembering. Her favorite things was a lap to sit on, usually one where she was never invited! I fondly remember her always getting on my brothers lap when he had shorts on and playing piano – you kneading in the paws & claws! and purring her heart out.Tammy_KittenJulie &Tammy



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