Summer Outings – 2015 Chainsaw Wood Carving Competition

On Saturday morning we wandered up to Sky High in the Dandenongs to visit the Chainsaw Wood Carving exhibition. Most of the pieces were mostly finished when we arrived, after been started earlier in the week. So there was actually little in the way of carving, mostly finishing up and varnishing. For the final touches they were using a sanding mouse and small (Dremill) type drills. The work is amazing, these people truly are artists, to get such details out of a lunch cumbersome tool.  This has to be my favorite for exquisite details ; even if it is a little strange – Artist Hikaru KodaniaStihl Wood Carving Competition 2015

Tim Burgess – UK

Steve Kenzora – Canada

Brandon Kroon – Australia


Griffon Ramsey – USA

Rob Bast – Australia

Eddie Freeman – Australia

Various other entrants and exhibits, I wish I grabbed their names, but did not

It was a wonderful morning, these pieces were alter auctioned off……….we did not stay for that, but I hope they all did really well. Then it was off on more adventures………for another Blog.

– Julz



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