Furever Friends – Suzi, Peter & Bambi

This is Suzi the Cat, Peter the Dog and Bambi the Goat. I decided to put these three together, this was very long ago and I only have vague recollections about them. Peter was Dad’s dog and had a fetish for chocolate, I vaguely remember him licking my fingers clean. Bambi the Goat (apparently I was going through a Bambi phase and couldn’t tell the difference between a goat and a deer?) She used to eat everything as goats do, I think I lost a few dolls and other toys. My Uncles thought it would be funny to teach and then encourage her to butt people, usually in the bum……….that came back and bit them!! One Uncle got completely bowled over when he forgot she was even there!

Then there is Suzi the cat………..I really don’t remember her at all, she was an old cat when I was very little, her claim to fame was that she was Tammy’s mother. Tammy was there throughout my entire young childhood, but more on Tammy in her own post next time.

So now the earliest animals from my childhood have their place on the Internet as well. I figured If I am going to do this I might as well start at the start.

– Julz


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