Furever Friends – Buster

So what is Furever Friends?I have recently been doing a clean up and going through countless photo album spanning decades and I have found so many photos of precious childhood memories of family pets and a few friends who are all long gone. So Furever Friends is a tribute to the ones lost to us. Some rarely get remembered by anyone other than us, a treasured family member and best fiends from childhood. This is not to be a sad post, but a place of happy memories, a joyful celebration of happy times and treasured memories.

There are a lot of challenges and things in the Blogsphere, but I thought I would do something a little different. I am going on my own personal journey here, but I am happy to have company. If anyone would like to share my journey, or join in please do. Send me your links and pics. Please share even if you don’t have pics, I know I have some pets that I just could not find pics for. We still remember them in our hearts. And feel free to pen a few lines, a funny story etc.

So now, let me Introduce BUSTER


Me and my Boy Buster

These photos are from so long in the distant past, before marriage, before mortgages and before human children of my own, I had Buster. He was my best friend, my playmate and at the time; my whole life. There had been other horses; but none like him. He was 16 hand Fleabit Grey part Percheron (breed of French draught or war horse). He was incredibly powerful, but gentle as a lamb and curious to a fault. I had many adventurers with Buster, many of which were fraught with peril and some of which I ended up with broken bones (I had still not learnt fear by this time!). He was the gentlest horse I had ever owned, but his shear size, strength and loyalty in me, as well as no fear in him either………I ended up with more broken bones and injuries while I had him than any other animal; before or since. He was a hero in his own right, during the Ash Wednesday bush fires he was in Cockatoo (Vic) and broke through several fence leading other horse to water, causing him to have permanent scars across his chest from Barbed Wire. He saved many horses that day. He also had a nasty habit of investigating things, it didn’t matter if he was tied up to a fence……..he would just take the fence with him!! the photo below is one of the few with him actually tied up, I was eventually banned from doing this due to the damage he caused to all the fences where he was stabled. He was a Gelding, but a Rigg (means it didn’t quite completely take, although he was sterile). The photos at the bottom show his girlfriend, a Palamino……I think her name was Goldy.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I used to call him Old Man and pull the whiskers on his chin (as shown in photo), Boy did he hate that!! I used to shave them off when we did Gymkhanas and Shows, it made him look more regal without the fuzzy chin. His favorite food was Vegemite sandwiches and Red Rooster chips with molasses (eww trust me on that!). Our best times were balmy summer evenings, when I would lie across his back and he would just wander the paddocks and ‘be’ together. In fact I frequently rode him with no saddle or bridle, we were a team that terrified most people, and when Buster wandered back to the barn without me, they knew they had to send someone to fetch me, usually with at least a car if not an ambulance.

It’s funny, I had the time of my life when I had Buster, never had any money, but I didn’t care. But it is something I never introduced my children too………neither of them had fear and I was terrified they would end up like me with a horse like Buster………..or worse! He was my last horse, I never replaced him. I just didn’t have the heart too. So even though you are long gone……….you have never been forgotten my friend.

So now Buster exists on the internet, if only briefly, before today I do not think he has ever rated a mention or a photo. If Instagram or Facebook existed way back then I would have driven everyone mad, but for now this is it.

P.S. Warring, I lied…………I did shed a tear or two, but such happy memories were contained in writing this piece.


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