The Fat Man is Coming………….

Santa is Coming

At this time of year the sirens from the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Fire trucks means one of two things……….get out, a bush fire is headed your way (Blissfully we have had no real bush fires yet!)………………. or Santa is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The CFA boys and girls help Santa out every year by helping see who is naughty and nice in our neighborhood.

So those of you who doubt the big man in red……….I have seen him, he is real (and I have the photos to prove it) and he is just about ready for his once a year trip. So kids be on your best behavior.

When my kids were younger, it was all so exciting to see a real fire truck and Santa, sadly they are both at work and missed him this year. So I took his photo for them. The CFA Boys and Girls (and Santa) also collect cans and foodstuffs from everyone in the neighborhood, give to those in need, especially at this time of year.!

Santa is Coming

So anyone who ever doubted………….Santa, Old Saint Nick, The Fat Man, Kris Kringle and everything else in between, here is the photographic proof! He’s on his way. Merry Christmas to everyone out in the Blogosphere!!

– Julz


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