One Four Challenge- December Week 3 (#2)

One Four Challenge- Week 3 (#2)

To be perfectly honest I don’t even know what to make of this week’s Dantés Inferno??The Beach

there is something slightly creepy and weird and a little cartoony about it, but I thought I’d go with it. I’d give you the process, but really all I did was keep using filters in Photoshop until I got what I thought sort of worked? Interesting but I doubt I’d hang it on my wall. I guess this challenge is really exploring post processing, so this week I am going for it!! 🙂

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6 responses to “One Four Challenge- December Week 3 (#2)

  1. Julz, I love your description here and actually, this really IS what this challenge is all about. We may not always get the piece we’d hang on the wall, but it is about trying things and having a go!
    What I think is really interesting here (if I didn’t know it was the ocean) – is I’d read the ocean as a wall this time. Perhaps a bit of graffiti on that wall? I like your exploration this week 😀

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  2. I think there is actually more of a contemplative quality to this version. It’s very nice, good use of photoshop. I agree that lots of times good post processing is just playing around until you get something that hits you a certain way.


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