Playing with Lightroom

OK so now I have my new camera and have been having loads of fun taking a bazillion photos and trying to edit them all in Photoshop, in the back of my mind thinking there has to be an easier way, I don’t want to turn every photo into some strange other worldly art piece. I just want to crop, touch up, adjust color and simple things like that. Then I kept hearing about Lightroom. Originally heard it from another photographer who I really am inspired by her work, I then went looking and reading how other people are post processing and everyone was talking about Lightroom (that and Color efex Pro – but more on that another time). So I got a copy………..mmmmmm so where do you start? I watched a great tutorial online here which got me started. Then are a few more here as well.

Then I watched a few more, landscapes, portraits. And then I watched a few more. Check out Youtube. So anyway I have posted a few pics I have already done. Buddy & Zorro, but I thought I might have my 2 cents worth and throw in a before and after.

I have been using Adobe Products for years, they each have their own little quirks, but I must admit I did find Lightroom quite confusing at first, however a few online tutorials seems to solve most of them. You just have to wrap you head around importing photos in and saving to their own little playlists and folders as it were. The library is useful enough allowing you to go through various different shots pick and choose what you want to work with. Then switch to Develop mode and really have some fun. On the right of screen, you have the info tab/ selection area (probably has another name), to be able to correct and adjust simple photos in here, also the ability to do batch adjustments (haven’t tried that as yet) sounds amazing.  Doesn’t matter whether you import JPEG or RAW you can work on everything from the Historgram, adjusting color, hue, luminosity, clarity, saturation, and some much more, using the Alt button on PC makes corrections so easy, especially the black and whites.

Lightroom panel

If you press ‘I’ a few times it brings up file name and photo info as well. The other really cool thing is there is something that Lightroom cannot do (or is easier in say PS like using the healing brush, or to clone something out of shot) you can right click on the image and edit in Photoshop. Keep in mind if you are using RAW images you need Camera RAW plugin for PS. On the Left of the LR Screen is a whole heap of present effect you can play with too, or create your own. Once done you can export you photos as JPEGs, even add your own custom made watermarks, or allow LR to make a simple one for you. Here is a sample shot, from original shot to edited image; so much more color and depth.

So enjoy and have fun with your photos, I know I am………..sure there is probably heaps of other really cool stuff you can do, and I’ll probably figure them all out eventually, but hey I’m in no hurry!

– Julz



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